Terms of Service

Upon reading this Terms Of Service, you agree that by trading for goods and services, you are digitally agreeing to my terms.  If you have any questions regarding this, email [email protected]

When ordering for my services, you must read these terms of services and agree to them. If you do not, I simply will decline any requests which you make when ordering. Unfortunately, after paying a 50% upfront payment, I will not be refunding this money unless I fail to deliver as promise. In other circumstances like unable to take on commissions are also other acceptable reasons. I cannot refund you because I may have already started. Therefore, paying you back would mean I wasted my time.     

I will always collect a 50% upfront payment which is to be done via Friends & Family. Note that I do not accept any other payment methods other than PayPal. I will not start if an upfront payment is not made. This to ensure that the client is ordering and not making a false request.  

You have permission to resell any websites I create for you. However, I would kindly ask for you to check with me before selling to a different buyer/owner. Any attempts to re-distribute to someone without appropriate consent will result in breach of this TOS. Attempting to makes claims of been the designer/developer of the website is also forbidden. If you would like to remove branding, you must pay a small fee, or else this would also be a breach of my TOS.   

After completion of the website, and payments have been successfully made, I am not liable for any issues you encounter. This means that if you happen to '‘lose’' the files, I am not liable for this. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have backups. Note that I do keep backups, but do NOT strictly depend on me.  

If you, the client fails to ask for a status update, I may postpone the commission. It is your full responsibility to make sure that everything is going as expected. Asking for a status update after 2 consecutive days is necessary if you would like your website to be completed on time.